STP, ETP, WTP, WWTP AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract ) Services

We provide STP ( Sewage Treatment Plants ), ETP (Effluent Treatment Plants), WTP ( Water Treatment Plants ), WWTP ( Wastewater Treatment Plants ) AMC ( Annual Maintenance Contract ).


  • Operation & Maintenance of treatment facilities for STP, ETP and WTP by Deputing manpower with relevant experience.
  • Visit of the Technician/ Expert to ascertain the regular operation and maintenance of the STP, ETP and WTP once in a month.
  • Operators shall carry dosing of required chemicals as per the optimum requirement for our guidelines & instructions.
  • Responsibility to bring in to notice / inform to Facility management department about any damage / repairs to plant equipment / parts.
    Maintain the operating log books / Daily, monthly reports of the plant facility Routine inspection of the plant
  • Preparation & follow the preventive maintenance schedules of Equipment & electrical panel.
  • Preparation of Safety checks of the plant & adherence / fulfilment to the compliance if any
  • Information about Electricity, utility & any specially chemicals & consumables required to run the plant will be supplied by party.
  • Safe custody & security of plant equipment’s & chemicals at the site assigned by the party.
  • Maintaining well protected workplace safe.